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Brilliant Safe Driver in dubai is a company that has been designated safe driver. Brilliant safe Driver Dubai would like to extend a warm welcome to you. In comparison to other businesses, Here you can hire safe drivers Dubai at the most affordable rates. We also provide chauffeur services to businesses and for any type of event. We advocate for driver safety. The UAE law makes it illegal to drink alcohol and drive as it’s for the purpose of  security and life of an individual. Book a Personal Safe Driver Dubai to safely transport you home. Customers’ comfort, safety, and vehicle care are our top priorities.

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Dubai’s Most Reliable Private Driver Service 

Do you require a safe driver in Dubai? To hire a driver in Dubai, dial +971 52-2214450.

Are you unable to use your vehicle? If you are in Dubai, hiring a safe driver is the best option, and Brilliant Drive is the greatest safe driver company. Brilliant Drive is pleased to provide you a chauffeured service. It is a driver service based in Dubai.

If you need to hire a driver in Dubai, Brilliant Drive is your one-stop shop. We have a lot of expertise providing a unique and innovative chauffeur service to the people of the UAE. We have the greatest private drivers you will find everywhere in Dubai if you are seeking for a secure, reliable driver who can take you to your loved ones in comfort. When it comes to providing safe driving services, we are experts. In your search for the best driver service in Dubai, we will not let you down.

Dubai, we believe, requires a lively and yet safe mode of transportation to serve the people who frequent the city’s clubs and restaurants. Customers can reach us by phone, WhatsApp, or by booking a service online, and we will be happy to provide you with a designated driver to transport them to their desired locations while remaining safe in the comfort of their own automobiles. Our organisation is affiliated with the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) in order to provide our clients with personal, private, and corporate drivers. We genuinely want to assist the people of Dubai in getting to their destinations safely and on time. Our prices are likewise fair, and we are a company that provides service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hence feel free to contact us anytime  to avail our Services 

Brilliant Drive provides corporate drivers in Dubai for business travel, airport transfers, long/short term stays, and excursions. Corporate drivers are available for business trips, conferences, and business leisure trips. Arrivals, Departures, and Hotel Transfers are all included in our Airport Transfer services. You can hire drivers for a long or short length of time, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. If you’re on vacation in Dubai, we’ll give you with a personal driver for day travels, night trips, evenings, and events so that we can make your life easy and accessible. 

Why Choose Us?

Short and long-distance driving services are provided by Brilliant Safe Driver. We provide a relaxing environment for you and your family. We never increase our prices. Brilliant safe driver offers experienced and skilled drivers who safeguard the clients’ safety and safely deliver them to their desired location. Because we care about our clients’ health, we make sure that our chauffeurs rigorously follow the COVID-19 safety rules and guidelines. And most important thing is to make sure client is reached at the destination Safe and Sound.

Brilliant, safe drivers have vast knowledge of Dubai’s city and its Adjacent area’s. If you visit Dubai, they will not only drop you off or pick you up; they will also give you a comprehensive city tour as per your satisfaction. Our chauffeur service places a premium on punctuality. Our drivers ensure that they arrive at the client’s location ahead of schedule so that the client does not have to wait.

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Any destination in Dubai will suffice. Our Chauffeur Service is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
For our valued customers, we provide high-quality services.

Wedding or Special Occassions Chauffuer

Safe Driver in Dubai

When you’re not sober to drive, especially due to the impact of alcohol, we provide dependable Safe Drivers in Dubai who drive you to your preferred location securely in the comfort of your own automobile. Book a dependable and designated safer driver in less than 20 minutes. Which will be beneficial for your safety and not be fined in the matter of drinking and driving. Book a Driver and feel easy and comfortable till you reach your destination. 

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Corporate Drivers

 You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a private chauffeur service. Professional chauffeurs are available to satisfy all of your needs. Brilliant Drive can supply you with skilled and experienced chauffeurs on a day, week, or monthly basis. Brilliant drive through its vast network of drivers will make sure that you are being satisfied with the best  Drivers no matter whether it’s for weekly, Monthly, or a day. 

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Car Pick- Up/ Drop-Off

You can now plan your car maintenance services, both major and small, without having to take time away from your hectic schedule thanks to our car service pick-up and drop-off. Brilliant Drive team knows the importance of cars for their owner and maintains them accordingly for future rides. Our Drivers will assist as per your instruction and will assure safe drop-off of car. 

RTA Registration

RTA Registration Services

We will pick up your vehicle from your office or home, and get the mandatory inspection done at the authorized vehicle inspection station, once passing is completed successfully. The driver will make sure that all necessary requirements are completed and the car is ready to be driven.

school pick up and drop off

Private driver for school pick up and drop off

Are you looking for a dependable private driver that can securely take your children to and from school? You’ve arrived at the correct location. Our private drivers are exceptionally courteous and knowledgeable about Dubai. The team of Brilliant Drive knows the importance of children for parents. For that reason, we assure the best driver at the time of need and make sure your children should reach safe and sound  to their homes. 

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Hotel Pick & Drop

Are you concerned that you may miss your flight? It’s no issue! We provide airport pick-up and drop-off services throughout the UAE. Let the Driver know the Flight timing to ensure your presence on to the Airport. When you fly back to the city, one of our finest drivers will accompany you to the airport or meet you there. Just hand over the luggage to the driver and rest he will make sure a reliable journey towards your destination. 


Recruiting a permanent Driver can be an expensive and time-consuming procedure for you, and it may seem endless. You must pay for an employment visa, insurance, lodging, and other costs. Imagine being able to hire a Weekly Safe Driver to meet your specific demands without incurring any additional costs. The objective of Brilliant Drive is to give you with the expert drivers you require, when you require them. A driver can be hired on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis. In Dubai, we are an RTA-registered safe driver company. for more details click here

Recruiting a monthly driver services Dubai may be an expensive and time-consuming process for you, and it might seem endless. You must pay for a work visa, insurance, lodging, and other costs. Imagine being able to hire a Monthly Safe Driver to meet your specific requirements without incurring any additional costs. The objective of Brilliant Drive is to deliver the expert drivers you require, when you require them. On a daily, monthly, or weekly basis, you may hire a driver.  for more details click here


WHat we do

Brilliant Drive is a safe Driver company located in Dubai, Where you can Hire a Whether described as a safe driver dubai, Personal Driver, Outsourced Drivers, Private Driver or a Designated Safe Driver to make sure you get back to your destination in your own car. we also offer a host of other services where you may need a driver. Per trip, within main stream area around Dubai in only 79 AED. And as per your Ride and Final Destination your bill will be accordingly Arranged.

Our safe drivers are committed to ensure the health and safety of our clients while maintaining the convenient service During (COVID-19). Thanks again for choosing Brilliant safe Drive Dubai Company. We look forward working for you and providing you with efficient and effective services. Feel free to Contact us Anytime. For more info about us kindly visit our Facebook & Instagram.

Why Should you hire Driver's of Brilliant Drive?

Suppose that one day you are having a long busy day  by doing some shopping or whatever you are engaged in.

As you are aware of the fact that Dubai is becoming Vehicles and Motorcars  Oriented city, So all you need in that time Catching Scenario is a Driver which can take you to your destination safe and sound, which he is fully aware off. Don’t need to worry about the booking, The Driver is just a phone call away. Obviously you are in no condition to Drive but if you try, Not only your life is in Danger but others also. Make yourself easy and book a driver on a single call. Our driver are fully aware of routes of the city and are Professionals in their work. Just sit back and have a comfortable ride. Your day is gonna end well and you will be grateful for your day .

Always remember to add Brilliant Drive best Driver services in your Priority list once you are outside. 


The residents of Dubai are well aware of the fact that Dubai is becoming Luxurious  as well as crowdy at the same time. In that changing Scenario all you need is Private driver who is well aware of Dubai routes and road daily traffic Situations, So on a single click or make a phone call to 052-2214450  you can have a Private Driver at your service.


Contact +97152-2214450  to let us know when and where you want the driver to pick you up, or book online and we’ll call you back to confirm your reservation.


Our team leader will phone you 15 minutes before pickup time to send off your authorised driver at your needed spot.


With our experienced chauffeur, have a secure travel to your destination in the luxury of your own automobile.

Expert safe Driver dubai

Our drivers know the ins and outs of the city of Dubai and will drive you wherever you would like to go or whenever you need it

Experience Skills

Our drivers are very skillful and know each and every in and out of the city to reached at your destination on time.

Guarantee Service

We believe in quality so we offer the best services for you.

Trusted Work

Brilliant Drive has only one goal to gain their client's trust. So we do our best to gain that trust.

Get Our Sober Driver Service When Your Are In No Condition to Drive

Drinking and driving is not tolerated in Dubai. Our drivers are law abiding individuals who will never drive while intoxicated. Any driver who is found guilty will be prosecuted and face a punishment in the form of a fine, imprisonment, and/or a minimum fine of AED 25,000, as per article no. 10.6 of the traffic code.

Our drivers are extremely competent and have years of expertise. Our designated drivers will securely transport you home in the privacy and comfort of your own vehicle. We are Dubai’s best corporate driver service.

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